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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What the foodnetwork stars are buying

we are daily visited by foodnetwork stars and employees for items to use in the studio and even at home ;)
just recently (today even) rachel ray visited us here at chelsea market for a few items
some bar supplies and our imported italian knives by sanelli caught here eye and purchased.

Emeril Lagasse just this received a nice order for his new show Emeril's Cooking Challenge

here is a short list of items purchased

  • Balloon Whisks
  • Assorted Stackable Glass Bowls by Duralex
  • 12" Locking tongs by Messermiester
  • Zesters w/black handle
  • Clear Silicone Spatula's

want to see more ? visit our store to see and purchase

these items here

So You Think You Can … Cook Like an Iron Chef? � Devour The Blog: Cooking Channel

So You Think You Can … Cook Like an Iron Chef? � Devour The Blog: Cooking Channel

Whoah !
Look at the sleek SS Hood in the backround !
Guess who made it , and more for the set ;)
Yep, BoweryKitchen
You can see more on our website
you can even purchase some of the same items for your home kitchen. Like the table in the pantry to the right
some more pics with our equipment below

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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Food Network Show 24 Restaurant Challenge

Check out this new show on Food Network  24 Hour Restaurant Battle ,Hosted by renowned chef Scott Conant (chef and owner of Scarpetta and Faustina at The Cooper Square Hotel), each episode of 24 Hour Restaurant Battle features dueling two-person teams of aspiring restaurateurs who have 24 hours to conceive, plan and open their own restaurants for one night. You will catch the contestants choose and purchase supplies for there kitchens right here at Bowery Kitchen Supply. You will see our wonderful store in action and see what you might need for your kitchen at the same time. Of course it would be more fun if you visited us personally, you might get to chat with Robyn as well.

 You can also see Emeril at Bowery Kitchen Supplies when he comes down from his studio to buy some new gadgets for the dishes he is planning
on cooking live! Check out the video , he made a very simple deliscous spaetzel ( german pasta ) with flour and water . Of course he uses one of our unique tools "the spatzle asse"

Just a side note , emeril loved robyns description of the large immersion blender as a "mac daddy of boat motors" off air that he used it on the clip himself ! robyn wants you to know !bam !!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Iron Chef America Filming Now

It's that time again ! So soon I know ;)
Foodnetworks most popular and best show as far as i am concerned is filming a new season , right here atop bowery kitchen Supply at the chelsea market . They are buying all kinds of goodies in preparation for the exciting new season, which i heard will be there best one yet , with many new competitors and the usual old guard. Hope to catch a show before they go ;)

Also, check out How to Cook Like an Iron Chef with Michael Symon on The Food Channel , check out some info here  Cook Like an Iron Chef. We outfitted the set with many pieces of custom Stainless Steel Equipment and tons of goodies. You can see more on our website and even purchase some of the items, so you too can Cook Like an Iron Chef !!!